Reference Number 2420
Gender Female
Birth Date Jul 04, 2012
Age 6 years old

More Information

Vanessa is almost 6-years-old. She is the youngest child in the family. Vanessa is in primary one at Brilliant Primary School. She was attending another primary school but was moved to her current school because her parents could not pay off the accumulated school fee debts.

Vanessa lives with both parents and four elder brothers. The family is living in very poor conditions. Their house leaks and the family has only one meal day.

Vanessa’s mother is a casual laborer. She walks around looking for jobs doing laundry or cultivating other people’s gardens.

Vanessa’s father is a taxi cab driver and earns less than $1 per day. Vanessa’s dream is to become a Doctor but she cannot achieve her dreams under the family’s current financial situation.

We highly recommend the child for sponsorship so that she can stay in school, receive much needed dental care and pursue her dreams.

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