About Me
My name is Tracy. I'm a 13-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 8, 2008.
My Home

I live in a one room rented house

My Favorite Activities

I like playing with dolls

My Family

I live with my aunt, brother and cousins

My Village

I live in Nakibizi village

Guardian Jobs

My aunt sells braids and plaits hair

Light Source


Water Source

Public tap


St. Bernadette Primary School

My School Grade

Primary 4

Career Goal


School Clubs


My Story


Tracy is a 10-year-old beautiful quiet young girl with a cheerful personality and a bright smile. She enjoys playing dodge ball and skipping rope with her friends during her free time. Tracy goes to Bridge International Academy and she is in primary three. Her favorite subject is math because she finds adding and subtracting numbers fun. Tracy lives in a small congested room with her single mother, Aunty and a cousin in Nakibizzi Village. She helps at home with washing dishes, washing clothes and mopping the house. Tracy’s dream is to become a doctor so she can provide proper medical care to the sick.