Reference Number 2021
Gender Male
Birth Date Jan 08, 2009
Age 10 years old

More Information

Mark is in P.3 at Bridge Magamaga.  He is a nine-year-old boy full of life!  Although he is sick with Sickle cell disease it has never stopped him from being am active kid.  He is a lively and happy person.  He enjoys playing football and chasing (running with) his friends.  He helps his mother to wash dishes and entertain his baby sister Eliana.  Mark is a lovable boy and has many friends.  His best color is white because it is a beautiful color.  His best food is rice and fish. His favorite subject is science because he enjoys learning about plants and animals. The two best things he loves about school is that he learns a lot and gets to see and play with his friends.  His favorite sister is his oldest sister Martha.  She cares for him and he loves her.  He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

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