About Me
My name is Shafiki. I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
October 3, 2009.
My Home

I live in a two roomed brick house

My Favorite Activities

I like to play soccer.

My Family

I live with my biogical mother and 3 sisters.

My Village

I live in Mbiiko

Guardian Jobs

My mother sells vegatables.

Light Source


Water Source

Public tape


Green Valley Primary School

My School Grade

Primary 7

Career Goal


School Clubs


My Story


Shafiki is an 9-year-old brilliant and friendly boy. He is reserved but outgoing. Shafiki enjoys playing football and running with his friends. He goes to Bridge International Academy and he is in primary five. His favorite subject is Science because he loves studying about plants and animals. Shafiki lives in Mbiiko Village with his single mother and 3 sisters. He is often seen helping his mother around the house with daily chores like fetching water from a borehole a distance away, starting the charcoal fire when his mother begins to prepare supper and washing the plates and utensils when the meal ends. When he has free time after school, he helps his mother sell potatoes at the local market. Shafiki is studying so hard to become a pilot and fly airplanes in future.