About Me
My name is Innocent. I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
December 30, 2007.
My School Grade

Primary 6

Career Goal

Professional soccer player

School Clubs


My Story

Innocent is is an outgoing and social boy who loves playing a lot but is also very serious with his studies. He lives with his grandparents. He stammers abit while talking. He has alot of energy and uses it to do most of the activities. Because of that energy, it makes him to be ggressive while playing with his friends.

He loves red color and football is his favorite game. Though Innocent's dream is to become a professional footballer in the future, Mathematics is his best subject. He is in the Book club and mobile library program where he gets storybooks every month to read and adopt a good reading culture. Innocent helps at home with house chores such as; washing utensils, fetching water and sweeping the compound.