"What If Christmas Doesn't Come From A Store,
What If Christmas, Perhaps, Means a Little Bit More."*

For Ugandan children, the true joy of Christmas doesn’t come from any store. The true joy comes from family gatherings, going to church in your Sunday best and eating all you want from a once a year menu of chicken, rice, soda and cake.

But for many of our children living in poverty, Christmas is the same as any other day. Parents find it difficult to provide even the most basic foods.

Each year, Children of Grace holds a Christmas celebration for all our children. They come in their best, or maybe their mother’s best, hear and participate in the Christmas story, play games, meet Santa and eat to their heart’s content.

Your donation of any amount can provide a Christmas experience for all our children and in many cases their siblings too. They all come and Christmas is a “whole lot more.”


Dr. Seuss, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”